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Williamson County Real Estate Team Explains its Name: The Waypoint Team


Williamson County Real Estate Team Explains its Name: The Waypoint Team

After we had decided to enter the residential real estate market as REALTORS®, we started thinking about how we would brand ourselves as a team. We both had moved so many times – before getting married, then after, then again with kids, then again for our various corporate promotions and transfers. It kept happening! We laughed about all these moves, but thought about how hard they were on our spouses and kids. Many were generated by those corporate relocations, but some were self-inflicted!

Then it struck us. As simple as it sounds, until you go back and “re-live” all your moves, you forget that each one had a very specific reason behind it. Sometimes you buy a place when you’re single, or you might wait and buy it after you find that lifelong partner. Then you might get a job transfer or decide to make a career change, either of which sometimes requires a corporate relocation. If you choose to start a family, you upsize to make room. And if your career is going really well, you may decide it is time to upgrade to a much larger home with more amenities. Then, before you know it, members of that family you may have started begin to leave the nest to attend college or live on their own. This leads you to downsize because you just don’t need all that room, and you certainly don’t want all the work that goes along with a large house or yard. As the years go by, you realize it’s time to retire and begin to travel, so you finally move into that smaller retirement home with minimal maintenance to allow you to do all those great things you planned for once during retirement.

Well, other than the final step, we have taken all the other steps. As we discussed them during our planning meetings about our new career 2.0, we recognized all these very specific stops along life’s journey that are specific to real estate. Aha! Stops along a journey. We had heard of a term defined as stops along a journey. Each of these stops is known as a waypoint.

We knew that from the experience we obtained through our long careers with Nissan North America and from all of our personal moves, we could help our clients navigate through all of their own waypoints. So back in late 2015, we adopted the mission to use our business acumen and talents gained from over 60 years of combined corporate experience, along with our personal experience of having relocated a combined 20 times, to help our clients with their real estate waypoints… and do to it with honesty, integrity and teamwork. You will find those attributes as part of our logo. That is when The Waypoint Team was born.